Copenhagen Peace Watch

This project started 19 October 2001 in protest against Danish participation in the so-called "War on Terrorism".

A steadily growing group of people who value peace has been standing, since October 19th, from early morning to late evening, all 7 days of the week, forming a peace watch outside Christiansborg, the Danish parliament and government.

We are keeping a symbolic flame alive for all the innocent war victims in the world. And in order to highlight the ever-present danger to world peace, which lies in the escalation that often is part of war's terrible logic - an escalation which powerful forces are arguing for, including the USA's Secretary of Defence.

We are continuing to take time out from our ordinary daily life and concerns, convinced of the necessity of action for peace in the world, and of the necessity of an international and global dialogue about the conditions which foster war and terrorism.

Hate breeds hate. Terrorism cannot be driven out with yet more terror; the bombing of impoverished people and countries. The contrary is true - injustice on this scale nurtures terrorism.

We find it necessary to call for reflection in a time where even religious leaders and intellectuals are adding their voices to a hypocritical dogma: "the necessity of war".

We find it necessary to try to counter a general indifference to the fact that we - the Danish nation - are ideologically and actively participating in this hopeless, ugly and dangerous "War on Terrorism", and that we as a nation thus support the idea that terrorism can be stopped with terror. The passivity of ordinary people lends support to this dogma, for those who remain silent implicitly accept the government's and the parliament's political decisions.

We cannot remain passive faced with the threat to our society posed by the forces who claim they want to defend it - therefore this vigil, the peace watch.

New Year 2002

September 1 2013 the PeaceWatch visited Aachen, nominated for the Aachener Friedenspreis; a peace prize. With this purpose an album of photographs was produced.

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